Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A New Age Dawns

Hi All

We are proud to announce that Drum Beat has its own Blog! You can check up on the latest news, events, developments and some generally interesting information. A new entry will be posted every 2 weeks, it might be more frequent depending on the amount of information we have to share. You are more than welcome to share your views and comment on any post or send it along to friends, family and colleagues and in so doing help us build an informative network throughout the tourism sector.

Robert Kerrigan said “the way of the world is meeting people through other people” and this is a proficient art in the tourism sector. How could it be anything else? A Tourist Guide does make his/her living by talking to strangers from the four corners of the world. According to Johan Arndt “informal conversation is probably the oldest mechanism by which opinions on products and brands are developed, expressed, and spread.” What better sector to help build and market the brand of South Africa? Who better to help develop our widely diverse tourism industry? Together we can truly make a difference no matter how small or trivial it may seem, besides even the mighty baobab that fills the skies of the north started from an insignificant seed.

Help us build a future and while we’re at it we might as well make it fun. Send us interesting stories you come across, add as much detail as possible regarding origin, people involved, etc. You can even send us your photos from your latest trip, just remember to add a caption telling us who it’s from, where it was taken, description of the photo, etc. We would love to hear from you.

Send it to: admin@drumbeatacademy.co.za (Ester),
subject: something for your Blog.

For more about us, please check out our website - Tourist Guide and event support Training

Have a wonderful day!

Drum Beat

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