Monday, January 31, 2011

Awards At Drum Beat

It’s award time in La-La Land and we wanted to have a part in all the glitz and glamour. Drum Beat had its own awards ceremony to celebrate all the wonderful qualities of its office staff and some of the quirks as well.

As Murphy would have it the owner of the award for the person who spends the most time out of office, was of course out of the office at the time of the ceremony but here is the list of awards as democratically voted by most of the staff:

Loch Ness Award…for least likely to be found.
Foot - In - Mouth Award…for always saying what comes to mind.
Dewey Decimal Award…for being well organised.
Cross The T's & Dot The I's Award…for making sure the little things get done.
P's & Q's Award…for having the best manners.
Pip-Squeak Award…for the quietest person in the office.
Spick & Span Award…for having the neatest work space.
Single File Award…for keeping everyone in line.
Eight Legged Freak Award…for knowing their way around the web.
Her Royal Highness Award…for needing plenty of attention.
The Daisy Chain Award…for constantly passing on information.
Lumber Jack Award…for killing the rain forests one page at a time.
Leprechaun Award…for being able to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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