Monday, April 20, 2009

100 % South African

Truth be told when you sit down and think about it there is no one thing that defines Truly South African. Everybody has his/her own view of what characterises being South African. Whether it originated in South Africa or if it was incorporated into our culture through the decades, it really doesn’t matter. All these elements bind our different cultures together to build the Rainbow Nation that flows through the veins of our little piece of Africa.

I did a pole in the office to find out what it is exactly that we think is Truly South African. This is what I found:

Cedric (ATS): Pap & Wors

Christa (Hospitality): Maroelas & Amaroela

Danie (AgriSkills): Knysna Loerie (Tauraco corythaix)

Daphne (Reception): OppiKoppi Music Festival

Ester (Admin): Lekker

Hannetjie (AgriSkills): Drakensberg Mountains

Hermann (ATS): Boeremeisies

John (Conservation): Bakgat

Lizette (MD DBA/ATS): Bobotie, Geelrys & Raisins

Ockert (Owner DBA): African Drums

Paal (Sport): Friendliness of the People

Rina (Finance): Braaivleis, Music, Brandy & Rugby

Vance (Guiding): Vellies

Winnie (AgriSkills): Humanity

Other things that came to light includes: Fynbos, Mampoer, Baobab Tree, Table Mountain, Bushveld Sunrise, the fact that any song can be turned into a Sokkie Treffer, Traffic Light Entrepreneurs (a.k.a. Street Sellers), Potjiekos, the shrill Sonbesie (Cicada) sound of summer, Biltong, DroĆ«wors, Castle, Mrs. Balls, Taxis, Koeksisters, Melktert, Sheba, Vuvuzela, and that’s just to name a few. What is Truly South African to you?

The Witness' view on Proudly South African (video).

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