Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Snake Identification & Dangerous Snake Handling Courses

These very practical and brilliantly informative courses were developed over 16 years of intense study and practical research on the characteristics and behaviors of all our South African snake species, with special emphasis on Venomous snake species.

By attending this course I will share my life’s knowledge and experience with you on how to approach, identify (module1: Snake ID course) and safely capture, remove and release (module 2: Dangerous snake handling course) any South African snake.

This course is not only a benefit to game rangers which often have to remove snakes out of their guestrooms but it will be a benefit to any person working in the tourism industry, fieldworkers, fireman, doctors and even interested housewives that want to know more about the reptiles living in their area.

Module 1: Snake Identification course:

The Snake ID course starts 08h00 – 13h30
This course covers:
  • Identification of all the SA snake families
  • Personalities of each species
  • Symptoms of snakebite
  • First aid treatment

Cost for the course is R 500.00 per person.
Certificates will be available within two weeks after completion of the course.

Module 2: Dangerous Snake handling course:

The Dangerous Snake Handling course starts that same day 14h00 – 18h00
This course consists of:

  • Equipment confidence
  • Proper handling techniques
  • Practical handling by each learner under my supervision
  • Verbal Questions & Answers during handling session

Cost for the course is R 500.00 per person.
Certificates will be available within two weeks after completion of the course.

(Note: both courses are non credit bearing.)


We have two training venues available:
The first option will be Drum Beat Academy’s main campus on the corner of George Storrar & Van Wouw Street, Groenkloof (Pta).
The second option will be a satellite campus at number 124, Fifth Avenue, Gerhardsville, Centurion (Pta).
Maps to both venues are available on request.

Courses offered to companies etc. at their own training facilities for a minimum group size of 10 learners or more. The company will have to provide for their own catering (tea breaks & lunch) and supply the necessary presentation equipment (e.g. overhead projector) in the event of training at their own premises.

Enquiries: Hencke Marais
Telephone: 083 650 3481
Fax no: 086 618 8209

Please go to Drum Beat Academy's website to learn more about Tourist Guide and Event Support training.

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