Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cullinan Diamond Mine

It was reported that a huge white diamond (507 carats rough) was discovered at Cullinan Diamond Mine on 24 September 2009. It is speculated that it might be a Type I diamond and amongst the top 20 largest high quality rough diamonds ever found worldwide. More details on the diamond will be released as soon as the diamond has undergone appropriate analysis.

The Cullinan Diamond Mine is situated in Cullinan, 40 km east of Pretoria. It was established in 1902 and became world renowned in 1905 when the Cullinan Diamond (3,106.75 carats rough) was discovered. Other significant diamonds from the mine include the Golden Jubilee (755 carats rough) and the Centenary (599 carats rough). Cullinan Diamond Mine is also the only significant source of blue diamonds in the world. De Beers sold its historic Cullinan Diamond Mine in 2007 to a consortium led by Petra Diamonds.

Cullinan Diamond Mine

507 Carats (rough) diamond

For more information about the mine and the diamonds visit their site.

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