Monday, June 21, 2010

Fountains Circle

The Fountains Circle 2010 Flag Ship Beautification Project is a Metropolitan Landmark and Gateway which has been developed successfully to landmark quality enhancing a sense of place, character, legibility and Capital City status. This development radically altered the character and image of the entrance to the City as envisaged. The whole design forms a spiral radiating outwards beyond the traffic circle itself symbolizing the 2010 FIFA World Cup that's being hosted in South Africa (Tshwane) and radiating outwards beyond Africa's boundaries to rest of the world. The main feature consisting of a spherical steel space frame/ ball cladded with broken panels depicting the people of Tshwane is being swung into infinity by the force which originates at the Fountain/South Africa. This ball is 'followed' and shot up in the air by spikes consisting of 'I'- beams in juxtaposing carefully placed. The spikes increase in height as it lifts off with the sphere symbolising the kick-off of a soccer ball.

Information & photos from Tshwane Municipality

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