Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wedding Trends

Hi there all students

Good news… We’ve decided to send out a newsletter once or twice a month. In the news letter we will keep you up to date with new courses, new ideas, new trends etc in the wedding and events industry. We go to leaders in the wedding and events industry and get some good advice and tips for you… We listen to you in the courses and bring back the good advice to you! I also want to encourage you to take part in our blog where we can answer each others letter and questions. It is at times difficult for me to answer each one of you personally when you have questions – but if we can help each other and build our relationships in the wedding industry. Why not?

Most of the experts in wedding invitations, wedding décor agree on one thing – White and black will still be strong in 2011 but … look at the mood board… Dark purples, Gun Metal silvers, Black… Dark poetry will be one of the main trend setters. We’ve already started preparing décor for some of the wine farms in the Dark Poetry colours.

Interesting… keep watching our newsletters. Pls also note that our new course dates has been released.

Please note that this is our FINAL course dates for this year and we will only add another course in another region if we have 8 or more students that would like to do the course. Good news! We got a contract with the International Hotel School – they are going to present our courses in the near future. Then we will have a campus in Sandton, Durban, CPT and Pretoria.

Advance draping: After many request we decided to combine our draping level 2,3,4,5 into one course over 3 days. We are going to teach you some principles of Arch and Gazebo Draping, Room dressing, Ceiling Draping and Marquee Draping.

It is not a full course on i.e. Room Dressing but you would know the basics of it. If you need to specialize in Room Dressing then we would advise you to do the full 2 day course on Room Dressing. The cost for this course is R4500.00

Durban: On request
Cape Town: 31 July/ 3& 4& 5 & 7 August (2 Saturdays & 3 evenings)
Pretoria: 28 & 29 August (evenings) 30 & 31 August (full days)

Table setting & Centre pieces & Etiquette & Protocol:
Pretoria: 4 September 2010 / 25 September 2010
Cape Town: 22 & 23 & 24 June 2010 / 25 September & 16 October 2010

Foundational décor:
Cape Town: to be confirmed
Pretoria: 11 & 12 & 14 August 2010 (2 evenings & 1 Saturday)

Advance décor:
Cape Town: to be confirmed
Pretoria: 14, 15, 16, 18 September (3 evening and 1 Saturday)

Kids party planning:
Cape Town: 14 & 17 & 18 & 19 & 21 August (3 evening, 2 Saturday)
Pretoria: 24 – 26 & 28 August (3 evenings and 1 Saturday)

The Part time National Qualification in Tourism: Events Support starts this weekend in Pretoria. However – we can take students in at any time. If they start a few weeks later than the other students – then they will have to do the modules they’ve missed in the next intake. Our full time course is starting on the 14th June for 4 months. Remember, this course includes all the practical courses of Elect.

Visit Drum Beat Academy's Tourist Guide and Event Support Training website for more information.

Events Regards and remember – We don’t work, we play… come and join us!

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